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This article documents a map in The Dark Descent.
For a list of all maps in the game, click here.

Out of Bounds[]

First clip & boost[]

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Making it across to the other side[]

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Hard Sewers OoB route[]

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First chase[]

In this section your goal is to slow down the machinery and jam a pipe into the spinning water wheels to jam it so you can pass through to the next section of the map. We use flashback invincibility to our advantage here, so make sure to avoid triggering it before the chase begins. Start off by obtaining the pipe from the right side of the map before you enter the machine room. Once you've slowed down the machine with the two levers you will start the chase once you leave the room.

Fast deathless

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Slow deathless (+5s)

After solving the puzzle in the machine room head out and jump down the stairs. If you get the "lucky" stair boost you should go for the fastest deathless strat. Most of the time you won't get a stair boost. Turn right and run into the first room to the right. Get close to the rocks and turn 180 degrees. Run out of the room as soon as you see the Brute. Don't predict when he's going to come, instead, react calmly as being too fast will mess it up. Jump as you pass through him, and keep jumping in the water to save time. Avoid bonking your head on the broken railings. Pillar hop isn't needed for this strat. Video here.

Slowest deathless (+11s)

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After solving the puzzle in the machine room head out and die to the Brute three times. On your fourth respawn he will no longer be present. Head back to the start of the map and insert the pipe into the spinning wheel to jam it and go through to the next section.

Second chase[]

The second chase has two options. You can either do this part deathless or with a deathwarp, which will give you another Laudanum.


Open the door at the top of the stairs, turn around and start jumping down the stairs. You'll hear that a Brute has spawned. Time your jumps in the water so that when you reach the Brute you're able to jump into him and land behind him. During your jump, right before you hit the ground, input crouch once. This will momentarily disable slippery which makes you able to push the Brute away from you. If performed successfully you will have jumped through the Brute and pushed him a little bit away from you during his attack.

Keep jumping in the water and cut the corners as sharply as possible. Run under the pipe on the left and jump once you're past it. You can attempt a corner boost around the wall just ahead, but it's not necessary for the deathless chase to be successful. Jump up the stairs and run around the corner to the left. At this point the music will stop (indicating that the Brute has lost you) if your movement was good enough. If not, the Brute will still be chasing you, but he won't be close. Run through the first door and close it behind you if the chase music is playing. The second door can be left opened regardless of how the chase went.

Video guide on the deathless chase sequence


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