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Not to be confused with Tool-Assisted Speedrun.

This page lists all segmented speedruns across the Amnesia games. A segmented speedrun is a speedrun where only the best real-time attempts have been compiled into a complete run using video editing tools. This is often done to showcase what the theoretical best run would look like, within human capabilities. TAS tools such as slowdowns, frame advancements, save states and debug info are not utilised, as each segment must be performed in real-time.

The Dark Descent[]

  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent Any% segmented speedrun in 21:54 by Apjjm
    • The first segmented run for The Dark Descent, completed on 1 Oct 2012 by Apjjm, set the bar early on for segmented runs, but also what The Dark Descent speedruns could look like in general. Performed less than 2 years after the game's release, it includes huge sequence breaks and rivals top real-time Any% runs still to this day. The run is prominently featured on SpeedDemosArchive.
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent Any% segmented speedrun in 15:16 by Teravortryx
    • On 19 Dec 2015, Teravortryx became the second person to complete a segmented run of The Dark Descent. In an interview he stated that his motivation for creating a segmented run was not for reasons one would expect. His main drive was that it was a great way for him to familiarise himself with the run and its tricks, skips and glitches. This was a very unconventional approach, as most who create segmented runs usually do so after they've gotten very good at real-time runs. One would assume this meant Teravortryx's run was suboptimal and unimpressive, but he would blow everyone away with the most intense, awe-inspiring and extremely optimal segmented run the community had ever seen. True to his word, as can be seen on his profile, his first real-time run was performed 8 days later, on 27 Dec 2015. Teravortryx's segmented run marks the beginning of the journey of one of the most technical and fastest-improving players to ever touch the game.


  • Teravortryx.png
    Amnesia: Justine Any% segmented speedrun in 3:01 by Teravortryx
    • Teravortryx had shocked the community with his segmented run of The Dark Descent as his entry into the Amnesia speedrunning world, but there was still more to come. After an intense week of gathering segments during the spring of 2017, he finished another awe-inspiring project. Clocking in at 3:01 (originally 2:36.42), his segmented run of Justine displays near-TAS levels of perfection, and still holds up today as one of the most impressive Amnesia speedruns ever made. He spent 26 hours gathering clips for the run, in which there are 20 segments, with a total of 6284 attempts spread across them.

A Machine for Pigs[]

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  • RebirthSegmentedTC.png
    Amnesia: Rebirth Any% segmented speedrun in 40:40 by Teravortryx and Cakeri
    • After 9 months of working on this project in complete secrecy, Teravortryx released a team segmented run of Rebirth featuring Cakeri, on the 1-year anniversary of the game's release. The run features state-of-the-art strategies and optimisations, some of which had been kept secret for nearly a year, and started a new chapter in Rebirth speedrunning. The event was teased in the Discord server a few days prior, before it was streamed live on YouTube where the community watched in total awe. A Google Drive file with detailed information on the project was provided in the video description.