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This is the page for the Any% route of Amnesia: Rebirth. Please contribute.

The Rebirth Talk Page has the basic route figured out already, with sections divided into maps. The goal of this page is to be a clean, properly formatted presentation of the finished route with images, GIFs and videos neatly attached. For route ideas, glitch hunting and discussions, please dump that information into the talk page, or in the Discord server. The route on this page should be detailed. The quick guide aims to describe what to do in short and concise steps. Feel free to begin with the quick guide if that feels more natural.


Sychotix's Any% tutorial

Chapter 1[]


  • Load the autosave after the plane crash cutscene to begin the run. The goal for this map is to exit the plane and enter the cave as quickly as possible. There are some tricks and glitches we can utilise to save time right off the bat. First, after gaining full control of Tasi, we want to turn the camera 90 degrees left and walk sideways towards the door. This is to skip a stagger animation that would normally play when Tasi gets to the front row of seats. While walking sideways, pick up the vest in the front left seat. We'll use this prop to propfly.
  • After you've made your way out of the plane, use the vest to propfly towards the cave entrance. If you wish to save some additional time there are horizontal boosts you can perform off of the rocks and hills on the final stretch.
  • Video tutorial


  • We need to grab the compass/amulet because certain rifts later on are hard to skip. Deeper Caves's rift is tricky to skip but can be done just as fast as the inbounds route. Alchemist's Chambers' rift can be skipped with a couple precise jumps OoB. Dark World's rift is the biggest problem. Sychotix was able to damage clip into the rocks at the end and hit the end trigger once, but nobody has a video recording of this, and a few people have tried for over an hour to replicate it with little success.

Dark World

  • Detailed description on what to do in this map.


Deeper Caves

Chapter 2[]

Desert Path

  • Detailed description on what to do in this map.

Fortress Courtyard 1

  • Grab the key from the tank the first time you enter the map, as you are able to grab it from outside the tank without climbing in.


Fortress Courtyard 2


Fortress Courtyard 3



Alternative tutorial which explains the belly hold skip better:

Alchemist's Chambers


  • Remember to hold forward at the start. Make sure to look at Alys, and then up at the big sky baby as soon as possible.

Chapter 3[]

Tomb of Tin Hinan

  • Detailed description on what to do in this map.

Portal Chamber 1

Chamber of Pillars

  • This map needs to be done well in order to skip the radio. If you do happen to be too slow and pick up the radio, taking fall damage will cancel the radio, allowing you to continue normally.

Portal Chamber 2



  • Go up the stairs and clip through a wall into the light pylon room
  • Use the pylon to activate the monster ASAP
  • Wait for the monster to leave the door open, and quickly bring out the pylon. Do not have the pylon light up for more than 2 seconds at a time or else you won't be able to pick it up anymore!
  • Activate the carriage, and clip out with the pylon to go to the carriage

Alternative route that may be easier, and is slightly slower:


  • There are two elevators that the cage takes, and thus two opportunities for you to escape. Compared to not escaping, escaping on the first elevator saves ~2m 16s and escaping on the second elevator saves ~1m 39s. If you miss the first elevator escape but get the second one, you lose ~37 seconds. (assuming all routes are done perfectly)

Lower Factory


Chapter 4[]




  • When practicing Tower, sometimes when loading into the map the clip OoB will be easy but the grate will be nearly impossible to clip out. Normally in runs, the correct state you load in will make the clip OoB very hard and take 10 seconds on average, but the grate will very easily clip out if you pull it out quickly.

Elevator route (obsolete route, much slower alternative):

  • You can put the power plug in on the wrong side by walking to the left side of the bars.

This is safer than the prop fly. (Small improvement for power cable

Throne Room

  • Plug in the one remaining vitae jar into the portal, and press the button.
  • If you take out the lantern (which you were supposed to lose in Factory and you are not supposed to have anymore) before the map transition, it glitches out the Paris cutscene! You will be holding a lantern and not the baby.