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Prop Flying is a technique used in SOMA and Amnesia: Rebirth which allows the player to hover with a lift-able object. It requires Regrab Glitch to be used first.


First you need to activate the Regrab Glitch on a collidable object such that your player collides with the object. Stand on top of, preferably, a long and flat object, click, release and hold LMB quickly to perform the regrab glitch and start colliding with the object. From here, you can start jumping to gain height.

To control the flight, you are able to move your camera around up and down to change the angle and position your feet are standing on the object, move your camera left and right to change the direction you are flying, and use the mouse wheel to scroll in and out to control the distance the object is held at.

The farther out the object is from the player, the more stable the object will be and the chance of you falling off decreases. The closer the object is scrolled in, the less stable you are on the object, and the chance of you falling off the side of the object increases.

To ascend, scroll the object in as much as possible and press jump periodically. Some objects will push you up very quickly by itself, and you will experience a "quick ascension."

To descend, scroll the object away from you. Crouching will make the descend even faster.