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This article documents a map in The Dark Descent.
For a list of all maps in the game, click here.

Old archives is the second map in all routes, and is the first map where you can clip out of bounds.

Quitouts and No Quitouts[]

Start by getting to the room with the lantern, looking down, and then turning back to leave the room once your crosshair has met with the pink goo. Immediately after leaving the room, turn left and make your way towards the big rocks at the end of the room. Jump on top of the rock to the left of the wooden beam, jump on the wooden beam, and crouch jump on top of the rocks in the middle of the 2 other rocks. Un-crouch, then spam jump out. Assuming you're looking in the direction you clipped out of, turn back around and make your way to the wall extended out of bounds and boost up the wall of the room on the other side of the void. Head immediately forward and to the right where the exit to the room is, you will need to jump in the void, so make sure you're quick with clicking on the door.

NMG and Glitchless[]

Start by going in the lantern room, and getting the lantern before the wind knocks it over. Continue through the map as normal, and flick down the lever to move the bookshelf while trying to fight the camera looking at the desk. Once the bookshelf is moved, the door to the next map is there for you to enter.